Indoor/Outdoor - Poly Urethane (PU) and SBR Sports Surfaces

Syncotts International specialises in Polyurethane sports surfaces with shockpad made of SBR rubber 

SBR is a granulized form of synthetic rubber. It is a long lasting standard quality recycled rubber surface which is can be done insitu at site or prefabricated rubber rolls can also be installed at site. It is an excellent product in most applications and provides a cushioned option for most surfaces.

Poly-urethane Sport Surfaces:

Designed for indoor/outdoor use as a non-porous system, the specially formulated product creates a high performance, seamless surfaces, ideal for sport surfaces. When applied on top of a granular rubber substance, the elastic PU surface floor Coating provides a premium resilient surface for the utmost in player comfort, safety and performance. It is very durable and has a very tong life, it is available in various thickness from 4mm to 14mm


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