Synthetic Acrylic Sports Surfaces

Synthetic Acrylic Sports Surfaces  An ITF Classified Surface. Syncotts Offers  two  options :


1. An acrylic system which is installed over Asphalt base. It comes in cusion and non cusined system.

2 .Cast in situ SBR + Acrylic installed on Asphalt or concrete



Syncotts International offers world-renowned Synthetic Acrylic Sports Surface. Our experience in the installation of over 5000 indoor and outdoor synthetic Acrylic sports surfaces makes us the leader in our field in India. Our sports surfaces are designed to meet the varied and demanding requirements of sports that are played at both professional and amateur levels. Using the best quality, standards of excellence are maintained throughout the installation process. The 100% acrylic color coatings are designed for application over asphalt or concrete sports surfaces. Ultimate playability. Proven durability, vivid color Variety the result is a sport surface system that is specifically engineered for lasting beauty and performance. From front courtto back, it's a combination that runs any match into an experience, and the reason why we're always straight-set winners over the competition.


Advantages of Our Synthetic Acrylic Surface

  • Can withstand weather variation (freezing climates to extreme heat) withoutany problems and without loss of adhesion or color.

  • Higher quality performance during application.

  • Greater adhesion to the base ensuring a longer life hence ensuring a longer product life cycle.

  • Greatercushioning factors and a cushion that retains its flexibility over a longer period of time.

  • Outstanding toughness and flexibility

  • Virtually maintenance free

Sports Application

Synthetic Acrylic Surfaces can be used for a variety of sports such as:

  • Tennis

  • Basketball

  • Volleyball

  • Badminton

  • Walking Tracks

  • Mutli-purposes use

  • Handball

  • Skating

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