Indoor Sports

Syncotts International offers Indoor sports flooring that are internationally approved by various sports federation including Badminton World Federation (BWF), FIBA (Basketball Federation), IHF (Handball), FIVB (Volleyball). Syncotts International offers fore types of indoor surfaces.


PVC Sports Floor

PVC Sports flooring enhance the athlete's performance by ensuring high shock absorption, impact resistance and sliding properties, They are available in highly authentic natural wood finishes and in a wide range of solid cotore These sport surfaces are much superior to conventional wooden sports flooring since moisture, dampness and termites do not affect it and hence require very low maintenance. It is available in different thickness ranging from 3.5mm to 14mm.


Rubber Floor

100% vulcanized rubber for indoor sports. Rubber is environmental friendly product and provides comfortable and shock absorbent surface.The surface provides excellent traction which is essential for sports.


Polyurethane surfaces

These surfaces are made up of Polyurethane with the base material being S.B.R. rubber and then Polyurethane on top. The surface is extremely hardwearing having high tear and tensile strength. It comes in different thickness as per the sport to be played.


Wooden Floor

Syncotts International supply Maple sports floor. We recommend the maple floor as maple is approved for tournament play. It is one of the hardest of hard woods and is ideal for basketBall, Badminton and Squash court play. Our floors are laid over wooden sleepers and cushion rubber pads. They are a tongue and groove system and finished with PU sealer.

Wood Floor are designed to withstand heavy wear uses the Basketball, Squash and volleyball.

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