Artificial Turf for Hockey Field


Syncotts is proud to announce its inclusion in the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf and recognition as a FIH Certified Field Builder. FIH Certified Field Builder is an elite program where companies that specialize in building hockey fields, have proven ability to construct fields to the standards required for hockey, have appropriate in-house civil engineering expertise for the design and construction of hockey fields, operate quality management systems to ensure consistency in their work and provide comprehensive maintenance advice to their customers are recognised. A FIH Approved Product is tested for over twenty different properties, only hockey turf products that fully Satisfy the requirements of the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf are awarded this prestigious designation. The programme recognises three categories of products: Global, National and Multi-Sport.


Only those contractors / builders who fulfill strictly FIH norms qualify for this and only a handful of builders across the world become FIH CERTIFIED FIELD BUILDERS. It is a testimony to our unrelenting quest for installation excellence. Syncots has in house teams trained in the lastest installation techniques and all machinery (Paver machine, tools, mixer machine) required for a top class hockey installation.


Hockey Field FIH Approved turf for Hockey . Both options are available

(a) FIH Global Water based Filled System

(b) FIH National Sand Dressed System

Suitable for competition mathces. The turf is of the highest standards and is being used for the Junior Hockey World Cup in Lucknow.

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